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Are you a creative professional or non-profit in the cultural or social sector? And are you looking to tackle specific issues that commercial-minded bookkeepers fail to grasp?

We provide tailor-made consulting to make you a self reliant pioneer, charged at a fair fee. Whether you are an established professional artist, a Dutch creative freelancer or international expat: we help you answer the big and small questions, and support you in your administrative and tax obligations.

Jan van Egmond, our founder, has a broad background as an artist, arts teacher and social entrepreneur, which provides you with an expert who can advice you with questions on finance, budgeting, practical bookkeeping, negotiations and the unspoken rules of collaborations.

Together with Moneybird as your bookkeeping portal, we can both take over your administrations or simply checkup on your own bookkeeping, whichever process & price suits your needs. Check in with us via the email address above & we look forward to getting started together!

In huis
  • Allround mkb boekhouder
  • Bedrijfseconomisch advies
  • Begeleiding bij zelf boekhouden
  • Btw aangifte
  • Inkomstenbelasting
  • Invoer boekhouding
  • Jaarrekening
  • Pensioen advies
  • Startersbegeleiding
  • Subsidie advies
Door derden
  • Accountantsverklaringen - controle
  • Bedrijfsoverdracht
  • Juridisch advies
  • Software inrichting administratie

  • Prijs range: €50.00 tot €80.00
  • Afrekenen op basis van uren
  • Afrekenen op basis van abonnementen

De Experts

  • Jan van Egmond

    Jan van Egmond


    Jan van Egmond is the founder of Lemonade Consulting. He works allround, both factilitating client contact, services and team management


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